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Rebecca has created five 90-day programs to guide you through the process of healing your body-mind-spirit connection.

Mirroring the sacred site of Teotihuacan, Mexico, each program integrates the Plazas (places) of the sacred elements which the ancient Toltec apprentices visited as they journeyed down the Avenue of the Dead and the body of The Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl.  This journey represented both a death and a rebirth as they dissolved the barriers to their divinity and learned to access and deliver the 'silent knowledge'.

Rebecca has adapted the ancient wisdom into a grounded platform of transformation that can serve anyone on any walk of life, for their truth is universal and they will assist you in expressing your highest potential, regardless of spiritual aspirations.  For the gifts received in an authentic transformation serve the human in the world just as greatly as the divine in the human.

These programs can be used individually to address the current phase of your process, or consecutively as a curriculum for the year-long Spiritual Apprenticeship training.  Programs include an initial Awareness & Transformation Training in which you will learn the Toltec tools of Stalking, Recapitulation and Dreaming

The Place of Earth:

In the place of earth you release your body.  You dissolve the attachment to your physicality and all the stories that held it in place.  Honor it with gratitude for it has served you well.  It has been a faithful companion and now it is time to set it free so that it may return to its true nature.  In turn you set yourself free, for your identity has been so enmeshed with your body.  When you fully surrender to this metaphorical death, you are able to cut the chords of attachment between the real you and the vessel.  Though you will no longer identify as the body, you will honor it more than ever; as the hierarchy that you once held over it dissolves into service.

The Place of Water:

In the place of water you surrender your emotions.  You allow them to flow freely without the impediments of judgment until you begin to experience the full spectrum of emotions.  Release your need to control them with your labels and let them be what they truly are - energy in motion.  Notice the difference between natural emotion and manufactured emotion; relinquish the habitual reactions of fear and wash clean the channels of your emotions.  With the muddy waters behind you, you will be able to gaze into the reflection of your emotions and be guided by them.  In fact, they will become one of your greatest allies.

The Place of Air:

In the place of air you open your mind.  The domesticated mind will fight for its continued reign, but Rebecca will guide you through this temptation and assist you in restoring your mind to its true nature.  Though your mind may have already shifted its relationship to your body and emotions, it continues to transform even deeper into service.  For a domesticated mind is built upon a wound of separation which creates a dualistic and disconnected experience of the world.  When you heal the domesticated mind, the battle of the judge recedes into discernment and thought-driven perception surrenders to direct experience, allowing you to access the Soul Mind - an open channel between you and the source of Life.

The Place of Fire:

In the place of fire you liberate your heart.  It is healed of its perceived wounding and opened, once again, to an infinite source of love - you.  Love is the force of creation that emanates from our true nature.  Rebecca will guide you through the process of dissolving the many conditions limiting love's expression; you will open the wound of heartbreak and set the fires of purification; the boundaries of 'male', 'female', 'I' and 'You' give way to an authentic communion; the wisdom of your heart is restored to its rightful throne and you return to 'knowing' yourself as the action of love rather than the reaction.

The Place of Ether:

In the place of ether you rebirth your soul.  Ether is the radiation of Life that flows through all things.  Our body experiences it as love and our mind receives it as wisdom.  Now that you have dissolved the veils of self that held you separate, you are ready to birth yourself anew.  Using the tool of Dreaming, you will journey to the moment of your conception and experience your soul's connection to the soul of humanity and to all of life. The familiar feeling of being 'alone' shifts into 'oneness' and you step into the world with this awareness as your new guiding force.


Rebecca has created three program intensities to meet your process at it's optimum pace: Accelerated (4x/month), Development (2x/month) and Masters (1x/month). It is important that you work in earnest with Rebecca to assess your initial readiness and your evolving needs.

  • Sessions can be in person or over the phone, depending on your location.

  • A brave heart is required along with an initial 90 day commitment.

  • Open Door Policy:  Allows you to check in with Rebecca via email twice per month.

  • Participation in workshops and journeys is highly beneficial to this process, though not required.

  • Cost varies based on your program intensity and payment plan.  pricing options

  • Free Consult:  Schedule a free fifteen minute phone consult in which you can directly experience Rebecca and better understand how she can serve your specific goals.

  • To schedule an appointment or free consult, click here!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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