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A Spiritual Apprenticeship is a long-term mentoring relationship that immerses you into a powerful spiritual process of awakening.  Rebecca will respectfully guide you beyond the limitations of ‘self’ into a deep communion with Spirit.  Though we may address personal issues and goals, we will delve beneath their surface that you may come to know yourself as the action of life rather than the reaction.

This is an intensive year-long training split into four 90 day programs. Rebecca has created three program intensities to meet your process at it's optimum pace: Accelerated (4x/month), Development (2x/month) and Masters (1x/month). It is important that you work in earnest with Rebecca to assess your initial readiness and your evolving needs.

  • Sessions can be in person or over the phone, depending on your location.

  • A brave heart is required along with an initial 90 day commitment.

  • Open Door Policy:  Allows you to email Rebecca twice monthly for additional support.

  • Participation in workshops and journeys is highly beneficial to this process, though not required.

  • Cost varies based on your program intensity and payment plan.  pricing options

  • Free Consult:  Schedule a free fifteen minute phone consult in which you can directly experience Rebecca and better understand how she can serve your specific goals.

  • To schedule your first appointment or free consult, click here!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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