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From a young age, Rebecca felt called by the mystery of life. She double majored in psychology and wildlife biology, suspecting like many, that the truth lay somewhere between our domestication and our nature.  After three years of studies and with the call for mystery growing still, Rebecca received an undeniable message to step away from her degree and to pursue a spiritual guide.  Terrified and thrilled, she quickly obliged. 

This led her into a ten-year apprenticeship with a family of shamans, Mother Sarita  and her sons, Jaime Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz.  She was welcomed into their home as part of their family and was soon asked to carry on Sarita’s lineage of healing.

Under their loving tutelage, Rebecca further discovered her inherent ability to heal physical ailments, emotional imbalances, mental obstructions and spiritual stagnation.  Rebecca learned the ancient rituals of Mother Sarita while mastering the modern day teachings within don Miguel's books (i.e. The Four Agreements), lectures and his Toltec mystery school of 'Dreaming'.  Assisting them as a fellow healer and teacher, Rebecca came to develop her profound practice of intuitive healing.

Rebecca has been guiding individuals and groups through their personal and spiritual evolution for over fifteen years now. Serving clients worldwide, she offers spiritual mentoring, wellness coaching, healings, workshops and journeys.  Completing her studies as a Holisitic Health Practitioner in 2004, Rebecca also specializes in herbal medicine and nutrition.  Rebecca has lectured at several venues including The Ranch, Sierra Tucson, Teton Wellness Festival, Earth Dance, The Rape Crisis Center and The Center for Transpersonal Therapy, and is currently completing her first book.

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Rebecca offers a non-denominational path that is tailored to speak intimately to one’s current process.  She believes that a guide must not hide their own humanity with a mask of the spiritual, but rather promote a marriage of the human with the spirit through an authentic relationship with her clients.  For it is Rebecca’s greatest wish that each of her clients may experience a genuine, attainable transformation that is wholly-nourishing and self-sustainable.

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