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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

A Tale of Two Minds

This is the tale of two minds, The Domesticated Mind and The Soul Mind, and how, through the Toltec practice of Dreaming, they came into one.

So what the heck is the Domesticated Mind, the Soul Mind or this thing called Dreaming?

Well, as you may know, I had the privilege of a direct apprenticeship with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements, and his mother, Madre Sarita, renowned Toltec Curandera. So these terms of the Domesticated Mind and the Soul Mind are my own inventions inspired by my studies with them and are best conveyed by the experiences that brought them into being…

For over ten years, I worked side by side with Madre Sarita, assisting in her healing work and learning her ancient techniques. In order to master myself as a healer, Sarita encouraged me to meditate every day with her and on my own. However, her form of meditation was unlike any other I had experienced before — instead of quieting the mind, she engaged my mind into the meditation, inviting me to use my imagination to place myself in the mountains, soaring as an eagle, or in the stars, visiting other worlds. 

By using my imagination in this way, my vibration lifted and soon, I was experiencing what she called, the ‘spiral of life’ — the helix-like energy that flows through everything, down to our very DNA. Accessing this ‘spiral’ allowed my spirit to lift from my body into ‘astral travel’ or to receive divine messages from the ‘cosmos’ and the ‘spirit guides’ that aid us in our healing work.

Very soon, Sarita asked me to study with her son, Miguel, saying that the greatest healer would be one that could combine her methods with his. I, of course, quickly obliged. 

Miguel’s teachings were oriented towards healing the mind. He spoke of the domestication we receive in life — the beliefs we adopt from our family, teachers, and anyone to whom we give the authority of our faith. He explained that many of these beliefs aren’t rooted in truth and become ‘filters’ through which we begin to perceive ourselves, others and the world in general. These ‘filters’ impact not only how we perceive, but also, how we experience. For we experience what we perceive through our body and our emotions.

I saw why Sarita wanted me to adopt this understanding. It helped me as a healer to see how clients were actually creating or perpetuating their illness. The negative beliefs they held were impacting their physical cells and needed to be addressed if they were to sustain the healing that her methods offered. 

It also helped me, personally, to heal my own mind. For I quickly came to see that, though my body was physically healthy, it was emotionally sick. Just as I had used my imagination with Sarita to raise my vibration, through my false beliefs, I was lowering my vibration. If only I could clear them, perhaps I could live in a constant state of that healing vibration and connectivity. 

So I dedicated myself to Miguel’s methods, building my awareness by stalking the beliefs in my mind and attempting to clear them by pulling my faith out of them. It was very challenging and slow going. It seemed the more awareness I gained, the more beliefs I found! 

And as I split my time between my work with Sarita and my studies with Miguel, I began to feel as if I were of two minds — one made of beliefs and the other made of light. These minds were like two separate channels of perception, each offering me a very different experience. I wanted to simply perceive through the channel of light of course, but found myself accessing the other channel more frequently than not. Anytime I engaged with others outside of Sarita’s healing room, there I was, standing in the channel of my beliefs and vibrating at a lower frequency.

Thankfully, Miguel soon introduced a new method to his students, called Dreaming. It mimicked the meditation practice that Sarita had taught me, but with a few added benefits. Being in a larger group, all raising our vibration together, we were able to combine our efforts into a stronger common intent. Also, spending entire weekends together with little to no engagement with the ‘outside’ world, offered a refuge in which we could really sink into living and communicating with each other from this channel of light

We were shifting our assemblage point (the place from which we create) away from that channel of beliefs and into that potent light that so effortlessly flowed through my meditations with Sarita. Yet, this light of Dreaming was fortified and grounded by our common intent and held a huge potential that I was soon to discover.

I had noticed that, when Miguel would lecture in between our Dreaming meditations, my mind was engaging with knowledge in a different way. It was as if his words were directing the channel of light INTO my thinking mind, radiating my beliefs with healing. I could feel the beliefs popping like balloons and being released back to the formlessness of air. It was an amazing gift and I decided to attempt to provide this medicine to myself in my private practice of Dreaming at home.

I would nestle into my meditation, raising my vibration into the channel of light, and then invite the channel of beliefs to come present. I was amazed that I could actually experience both channels at once, feeling the heaviness of my thoughts while soaring in the freedom of the light. Even my emotional body was responding to both channels, simultaneously singing of the agony and the ecstasy. 

Once I established a solid connection with each channel, I could then direct the light INTO the beliefs and their emotions. Hallelujah! Finally, the two channels were coming into one and it proved to be a super-highway to simultaneously build awareness while clearing the energy of the beliefs. 

By focusing the channel of light into the beliefs, I was perceiving them through the truth of that light and, instead of just revealing the false beliefs, I was healing them. For every belief I viewed through this channel, its origin of truth took root, replacing the false belief in an instant. And this process wasn’t relegated to one belief at a time; I was finding whole sets of beliefs that each supported each other like a matrix that had formed around a particular concept or experience.

I was healing entire constructs of beliefs which was faster, yes, but more importantly, gave me a much better chance of sustained transcendence. For I saw, that these constructs were easily reformed if even one belief within them was left unhealed, as if each held the memory of the whole. 

It truly was an amazing source of transformation for me, improving both my personal life and my work as a healer. Of course, I still fell prey to my unhealed beliefs and it took years of Dreaming before I could engage with others without my ‘filters’, but I had finally found the way to merge these two minds into one and to help others heal their own minds, and thus, their bodies.

And so, these terms of the Domesticated Mind and the Soul Mind represent the two minds that my studies with Miguel and Madre Sarita revealed to me — The Domesticated Mind that holds all the beliefs and The Soul Mind that shines the healing light of truth; and Dreaming is the tool that serves to bring these two minds into one, dissolving our filters so that we may vibrate as the frequency of light inherent to our nature. 

I suppose I could have just given you a simple definition along with a step-by-step process, but words can only point to the truth and the steps of such a journey are anything but linear. Hopefully, my story has given you a little experience, and therefore an intimate cognizance, of the two minds within you and just how beautifully you can rebirth yourself into the joyful vibration of living as divinely human.

Would you like to incorporate these practices into your life?
Check out my upcoming online course, The Soul Collective, in which we will shift our assemblage point from the Domesticated Mind to the Soul Mind, and practice accessing this clear channel as a source of healing thyself and creating a life of true fulfillment and love.

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