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don Miguel Ruiz



Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

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Rebecca's Memoir - Chapter 1

A new chapter emerges from an old story in which now I feel as a ghost, returning to a life that is no longer mine.  Was it ever mine to claim or was it a gift lent to a young girl in search of her truth?  In all certainty it was a gift; a gift of many gifts.  Like a Chinese puzzle box, each compartment was a treasure which revealed the key to...
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Rebecca's Memoir - Chapter 2

I remember the first time I sat and gazed into her eyes in that tiny healing room in San Diego, California.  Like the room, her little body didn’t seem big enough to produce the amount of light radiating from her presence.  I recognized her eyes instantly.  They accompanied my dreams on many a cold night in the previous Vermont Winter:  A mirror reflecting not the young face of my youth, but the sun-worn...
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Rebecca's Memoir - Chapter 3

The first instruction was to quit my caretaking job on the mountain.  This did not appeal to me as Mt. Mansfield had provided such a refuge, but I followed it anyway and packed my things to head for a new refuge, part two of the instructions, my family’s cabin in Maine.   I spent the month of August in Maine, completely alone and in silence.  This was a cherished place of childhood where...
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Rebecca's Memoir - Chapter 4

That North Star led me back to my dear friends in Vermont where I took a farming job up the road from our house.  It was here that I met my first teacher.  It came not as one person, but as a group of people who welcomed me into their meditation circle.  I joined them for a brief time, learning their chosen technique of meditation.  And it certainly was a technique!  It was...
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Rebecca's Memoir ~ Chapter 5

Though I didn’t know it, agreeing to travel with my Aunt Maria would put me on a direct path to my teacher, Sarita.  At first, all I knew was that the purpose of Maria’s trip was to intensify her apprenticeship with a man named don Miguel Ruiz.  Since she was a dancer, I made the assumption that Miguel was a dancer as well.  I even went so far as to daydream of somehow...
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