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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Cell-Liberating Love

Truly, there is only ONE condition we put on Love: that Love is not what we are. This is what leads us to experience Love as something that we give or get, that we earn or learn, and that we must guard for fear of depletion, contamination, or the condemnation of that broken heart.

All other conditions are just a variation of this outsourced, finite “Love”— different names and places in which we displace our Love and the responsibility for its ups and downs. But no one has their hand on that heart valve except you… not your lover, not even God. 

Love is as natural as the cells in your body and, just like your body, it exists with or without your beliefs, your knowledge, your fears and your tears. It is always there, flowing through you and through everything.

Yes, everything… even your grief and your anger. Turn to them, listen, and you will hear their original call from Love— before you judged and defined them, before you withheld and restrained them, before you placed your Love in a cell of a different kind.

Even “Unconditional Love” has become yet another condition on Love. But what does “Unconditional Love” mean? Well, it should mean nothing. It should remain UNdefined. Do you KNOW what Love is? Nope, and neither do I… and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Join me LIVE with my NEW cohost Tatyana Rae, every Tuesday at 7pm pdt on LA Talk Radio and Facebook!

This show is all about releasing your Love from that prison cell of conditionality and cell-ebrating Love in its organic fullness of NOW, of MORE, of YES to ALL of its expressions and desires— from the gentle to the fierce, and from the satiated to the ravenous.

Yes, ravenous. For Love seeks Love… to devour and be devoured… to expand, to multiply, to become MORE… and, as Tatyana passionately demanded, to LICK YOUR PLATE CLEAN!

Tatyana and I aren’t teaching “unconditional love”; we invite you to UNLEARN “Love”. We aren’t preaching a greater Love; we ask you to ALLOW the Love that you already are. We aren’t telling you stop relishing in Loving or being Loved; we are reinstating Love as the noun, as the YOU! We are celebrating LOVE and nothing less.

Love ≠ Agreement
A Phenomenal Woman

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