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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Gifts for the Ghost

“Gifts for the Ghost” is a series of videos that offer a set of tools and practices for healing trauma or any psychosomatic imbalance. And it’s FREE! No need to even subscribe to my newsletter. They truly are my gift to you which I am so happy to offer. 💝Each video is posted here, plus an introductory article on "Emotional Presence"...

Welcome to Gifts for the Ghost,
A set of tools and practices for healing trauma & any psychosomatic imbalance.
I am so glad you are here.

These videos are based on my contribution to the book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, "Exorcising the Ghosts of Sexual Trauma & Their Secret Shame"— an intimate chronicle of my journey with repeated sexual trauma and how shamanism gave me the medicine I needed, transforming my very cells and releasing energies from this lifetime and beyond.

Each section features one of the main tools and principles that I discovered through my healing journey and that I continue to use with clients today, helping them to "heal their relationship with the body, repossessing themselves with an Emotional Presence that amplifies their healing and guides their lives forward in a more connected way—Embraced, Embodied and Empowered. Ghosts be gone."

These tools can be used to address any type of trauma or psychosomatic imbalance, and may, at times, heighten your 'symptoms'. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me. This is a journey that requires an ally from time to time eyes to see what you are unwilling to, a heart to embrace what you cannot.

I also highly recommend you spend some time with the chapter first to give you some context and hopefully, a little bit of medicine to get you started.

Order my copy!

What is Emotional Presence?

"In their natural state, emotions can be reliable guides and can even self-regulate. Like the senses, emotions offer a direct and accurate perception of the external and internal world—a direct experience before the mind interprets it. When we are emotionally present, we can catch that moment and allow our organic emotions to inform us and move through us, guiding us to truth rather than into story. And when we add love to their presence, any unnecessary emotional pain or negativity naturally unwinds from the body and we return to balance." - Rebecca Haywood, Shamanism in the New Millennium

Read more about the Science & Shamanism behind it!

Much like physical pain, emotions are messengers of healing. They tell you where, when and what medicine to bring, if only you listen and allow them to inform you. Some call this "Emotional Intelligence."

Those with a history of trauma have a heightened empathy, intuition, and a very high level of emotional intelligence. It makes sense, right? You turned up your radar to better detect the dangers around you.

However, you also "checked out", "swam above it", "numbed" or "dumbed it down". These are all ways in which my clients have described the disconnect that so many with trauma experience. "Getting smarter" than their feelings, knowing their triggers and mapping their bypasses in advance.

Like I said, your trauma has gifted you with a very high level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Presence is that same intelligence, but embraced, embodied, and empowered into a medicine and a reliable guiding force in your life.


As my chapter displays, the first step to healing my trauma was the alchemic embrace of Madre Sarita's love and acceptance. She had the eyes to see my shame and the heart to reflect love into it.

The practice in this video will help you to develop those eyes for yourself through a blend of Toltec Stalking and Dreaming by stripping away the judgments against your emotions and, ultimately, expanding the connection between you and your emotional body.



Don't forget to bring your practice with you! This type of stalking is great to do throughout the day because inevitably there will be triggers and challenges that show you yet another belief. If you keep a journal with you, you can write them down and then bring them into this practice when you are ready. 


Now that you have let go your stories about emotions, you are most likely experiencing them more rather than less. That's okay. Actually, it's good. It means the embodiment has begun. You are actually feeling what you feel, all of it-- the whole rainbow.

And now that you can be present with those emotions, you can help them begin to organically unwind from the body.

This video is the Toltec practice of Stalking with my feminine twist: giving the mind a backseat as we stalk the beliefs through the emotional body.



This practice is best done on a nightly basis to review and clear the energy of each day. If done right before bed, you can intend for the "unwinding" to continue through the night. Or, perhaps your stalking raised some questions for you, in which case, ask them to be shown to you in your sleeping dream. Keep a journal by your bed to write anything down, but also trust that, no matter what you remember of your dreams, the "work" was done. But don't believe me; ask your emotional presence. It will be the living proof. 


This is where we "put love in front of it"...

As you spend time embracing and embodying, you will organically discover the power of your renewed emotional presence. That power is Love, and specifically, Love reflected inward. (I told you it was an inner revolution!) 

In this video, I serve up a practice that combines the Toltec tools of Recapitulation and Dreaming, with another feminine twist: Recapitulating the beliefs through the emotions while Dreaming them into a healed presence in the body.



Trust your tools and EVERYTHING else that brought you here, and go out and LIVE your life!!! It is a practice, and... you will fall. I can almost guarantee it. But that's okay because each time you pick yourself up—each time you Embrace, Embody and Empower—you strengthen those muscles. And perhaps you see something you hadn't before—a belief, a fear, a cellular memory—and that something WILL someday be THE something that finally breaks you... open. I am living proof of that, and I pray that each of you may become that proof for yourself.

Shameless Feminine
An Emotional Storm

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