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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

Many spiritual seekers aim to silence the mind and frown upon the stories it tells. “I am not my mind. I am not the story.” No, but you ARE the storyteller and there is great medicine in owning this.

On Shameless Feminine Speaks “Sabotaging the Sabotage”, I shared a pivotal moment of confronting my doubt. Though instead of simply telling it to shush, I commanded it to tell a story with me.

“Ok, doubt, you want to tell a story? Then let’s tell a story together.” I wasn’t inviting a story of doubt, rather I was invoking its power of storytelling.

Left to its own devices, my saboteur was relishing in the tale of why I wasn’t a powerful shaman— too young, too white, too me. So I took my ass up into the desert and commanded that storyteller to show me the story of “Rebecca the Healer”.

It wasn’t a story I crafted, but one that came through in memories of my life— all the moments of spirit moving through me in acts of power, healing, and service. Some were already known to me but had been discredited later by my doubt, while others were seemingly mundane moments that I had overlooked.

With each memory, I was gathering the evidence and collecting my faith until I completely reclaimed my power and right to be a shaman. I emerged from that desert feeling ten feet tall, with nothing to prove or defend. The end. And the beginning... of a beautiful friendship with my storyteller.

I have since done this exercise countless times, reweaving all the little and big stories of my life— from “Rebecca the Girl” to “...the Woman”, “Rebecca the Victim” to “... the Victor”. Each had its own lineage for me to claim, and from start to finish, there was a power returned to me.

And in my living stories—the ones being written throughout my day—I no longer fight my storyteller but I do command her. I honor the power of even her unspoken words as the spells I cast upon my world. If she speaks with doubt or negativity, I reweave them with faith, love, and magic. Every day is my hero’s journey, and I choose the ending and the beginning of the next.

Our mind’s ability to tell a story is a gift when harnessed— commanded with the voice of faith and surrendered to Spirit’s perfectly crafted journey for you.

So whatever your doubt, big or small, grab its voice and retell your stories as stories of power, of healing, of service to the path you seek and the goals upon it. Gather the evidence and collect your faith, reclaim your right to be “You the ___________”... You the Abundant, the Healed, the Successful, the Lucky in Love. The hero of those stories may simply need a new storyteller.

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