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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

My First Egg Cleansing

As promised, I am offering a new round of stories to honor my Shaman grandmother, Madre Sarita. We will step away from the early years of my memoir which were featured last week, and into my training with her— receiving her healings and learning the skills to deliver them. This week's honoring began by featuring an old blog which translates the practice of channeling into our everyday communication ,"Communion-ication". Today, I want to share a taste of my first Egg Cleansing with her. It is an excerpt from my chapter in the collaborative book Shamanism in the New Millennium. And stay tuned to my Featured Blogs where I am highlighting these posts; next up: Fire Cleansing!

My first healing with Sarita was an Egg Cleansing—an energetic cleansing and reading in which an egg is rubbed on the body, absorbing the negative energy and taking an imprint. The egg is then cracked into a glass of water and read like an x-ray, displaying the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences. Sarita used an Egg Cleansing to diagnose a client’s imbalance and to cleanse them in preparation for the deeper healing techniques of Fire Cleansing or Psychic Surgery.

In my case, the egg revealed a sexual imbalance that was blocking me spiritually. The yolk was encased in sinewy cobwebs and topped with a layer of fog which pressed it down onto the bottom of the glass. She saw my ghosts right away—the shame that gripped the throat of my feminine being. She described it as my sadness and my curse, but then swiftly turned my wounded world on its head. My newfound grandmother, with her Guadalupe candle aglow, asked me how long it’d been since I’d had sex.

Sheepishly, I admitted to my prolonged, self-induced celibacy. “Mija!” she chastened. “This is not healthy. Sex is good for the body and for your energy. It is not a sin. It is consecrated by God. I have thirteen children. Where do you think they came from?” She laughed, holding her womb, then got serious as she examined my face and the emotion I was attempting to hide. “Your body was made for procreation and for pleasure—your pleasure.”

Her eyes were so full of love that my armor fell away and my heart broke open to my sexual shame.

In time, this shame would be transformed into a reverent sensuality that connected and empowered my body as a tool of receptivity. Sensuality offers a huge source of organic and spiritual power. As I studied with Sarita, gradually moving from victim to survivor to healer, I could feel the fire in my womb connecting me to the Earth and to all of Life. It wasn’t sexual, it was a biological experience of the divine. The wind on my skin, the smell of a rose, the taste of an impeccable meal—it all became spiritually sensual, as if God were making love to me.

And yet it was a long process. Judgment would continually interject, the shame would return, and my senses would shut down. In addition, sexual assault continued to be a pattern in my life, even years into my healing, the predators persisted and my fear dug in. Anyone with PTSD or the like knows it is visceral and absolutely reflexive. No matter how much you unplug the mind from a memory, the body has its own. And, as I painfully learned, the emotional frequency of shame that the body holds invites more trauma.

This was the “curse” that Sarita had seen in my egg. She called it “magia negra,” black magic, saying I was possessed by an energy that was “not my own and not from this time.” She prescribed two more Egg Cleansings followed by my favorite of all her techniques— Fire Cleansing.

The Limpia de Lumbre is a beautiful ritual that envelopes one in medicinal smoke while cleansing them with an egg, a salt crystal, and herbs. These are then burned in a ceremonial fire, releasing the energy to the ethers. When Sarita saw that one's illness was “unnatural,” meaning that a “daño” (curse) had been placed upon them, the prescription of a Fire Cleansing was always given. She also used it to exorcise foreign entities that had attached themselves to one's life force, causing fatigue, illness, addiction, even influencing one's choices.

Sarita would see several “curses” in me over the years and smoke them out of hiding. Each trauma in my life was an emotional attachment that had congealed into “foreign entities”— a victim, a warrior, a nun, and the prostitute who sold them all. The Fire Cleansing cut those energetic chords, purifying the emotional channels in my body. But my “entities” held another anchor point—the stories that continually called my ghosts back...

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