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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.

69: Never Go Hungry Again

It’s Tatyana's 69th birthday!! Hence the title (Ha, Gotcha!) and our topic— true reciprocity and the secret to Taty’s va-va-vitality… feasting on life!

Here’s the not so skinny, skinny:
Hunger, it leads with a conviction misled. I’m not talking need; I’m talking want unrequited, desire denied, the yearn that begs to earn its redemption. I’m talking about the ache in the starved heart that reaches for life in tomorrows and for love in all the wrong places.

Never shop hungry they say, and yet we do. We peruse the aisles of life and fill our cart with empty calories— sexy sugars and spiritual soda pop to sweeten the swallow as we wash down the loaves of ‘love’ baked with promise. “At least they’re not fried”, we tell ourselves as we envision stepping on the scale to weigh our self-worth.

Where is the nutrition we seek? Where is the true reciprocity for our heart’s hunger? Is it there in our lover’s mouth? In their tongued affections of our beauty, our youth, our sex, our flavor? Is it there in God’s favor? In the assurance of good deeds rewarded? In the witness commanded, the retribution demanded, as we ravenously declare, “I’ll never be hungry again”?

Yes… and no.

It is there because you are there, in all of it. And it isn’t “there” because it is here— in you, now, already fulfilled, neither witness nor retribution required. The heart hungers for you, for your love, for your assurance that this life will be lived TODAY— tasted and ever tasting more! This is the yes, and the only true reciprocity for your heart. We get what we give because we are what we give.

It is this truth, this decadent feast on life (with properly placed disregard) that is the secret to Tatyana’s clearly flourishing va-va-vitality.


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