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Musings of an Awakening Spirit

Stories, poetry & general musings of Rebecca Haywood, a modern-day Shaman with a penchant for bringing the divine into the human experience.


I am divine and I am human. I am all of it.
I am woman. I am little girl.
I am sex. I am purity. I am none of it.
I am infinite in finite
with names and places assigned.

But what is my address?
Who do you address
in this dress,
these shoes
that stumble
that sparkle
that carry me home
awake and wanting
him and Him,
human and divine.


I love a good confession. They are so freeing, aren’t they? The unburdening reconciliation where forgiveness meets judgment in sweet dissolution. That’s the idea anyway.

Yet how many of us hold our humanity as separate from divinity? The greatest confession of all—to be human. But is that a sin unto itself? And is that the sin we truly fear to divulge?

Not really. Most are happy to admit and to submit to our humanity. It is our divinity that we fear—our power, our beauty, our love untamed. How dare we? But even more than that… how dare we be both? How can we be both? This is the unreconciled within the human heart.

Even I found myself timidly sharing my last post—my IGTV film “The Mother’s Prayer”. I was shy in displaying my divinity. I had never before seen myself in action, let alone shared myself on record like that—immortalized and immortalized. Ha!

The basis of my teachings is to embrace the human and the divine as one. It was how my grandmother taught me; she embodied the divine so humanly and her humanity, unabashedly. They were contented roommates in her world—two peas, one pod and never the odd couple.

And yet there I was, biting my nails over my post, feeling too ‘woowoo’ and yet all too human at the same time. For my IG story still displayed the hockey celebrations from the night before. #bostonbruinsgirl was now followed by #divinemother 😂

Do these hashtags negate each other? Not in my world. But I truly wondered about my audience. Would I lose you? Should I create a personal profile where I can hide away my human moments? You know, keep it divinely professional?

That wouldn’t be true to me, or to you. If we “spiritual guides” are unwilling to confess our humanity—correction: to profess our humanity—then who are we truly serving? Who are we addressing in this dress?

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