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Shameless Feminine: The Unfolding

October 28th, 2018 2:00 PM – October 31st, 2018 4:00 PM
Location: Aum & Garden, Los Angeles, California
Category: Meditation Circles

Join two of today's leading female Shamans, Rebecca Haywood & Tatyana Rae von Knobelsdorff, and unfold into the Shameless Feminine...

"We each have felt it. Her yearning to release, to break open, to drink of Her sorrow and sing of Her rage. And we must. It is our unfolding— petals once held in shadow turning to the sun." ~RH

Rebecca & Tatyana invite you into a sacred circle of women and into The Unfolding... They will guide you into a shamanic dreaming process through which you will unfold into the organic wisdom of your feelings and allow them to move through you, to move you... closer, deeper, dissolved into their delicious invitation.

"We are designed to be obsessed with the calling heard within our Hearts— constantly seeking to reunite with Breath, as Life, as Divinity." ~TvK

Where is the Shameless Feminine calling you?

I am so excited to share this with you. This event with Tatyana is not just another gathering on the calendar; it marks the beginning of a much bigger dream...

You know the kind of dream that feels like it is dreaming you? That's what this has been for me and I gratefully surrender...

Shameless Feminine is a new program and retreat series for women who are ready for their Re-evolution— to be all woman, without a doubt and without apology, and... without a villain. Shamelessly shameless are the women who are ready for the pendulum between the sexes to finally come to rest, to put down their sword and raise their light, to embody woman as Mother once again.
We are She.

Each retreat will focus on a different superpower of the shameless feminine—from our intuitive emotions to our sacred sensuality—and will feature co-facilitators and healers who have inspired my personal journey and who will be sure to ignite yours.

I CAN"T WAIT!!! Really, I can't...
Though the program and retreat series are yet to launch (coming soon!), I couldn't resist the pull of my sisters. Hearing your stories, feeling your pain, your rage, your call for healing—I knew I had to bring more to LA than just a book signing and the promise of a program. #TimeIsUp, and the medicine is needed NOW.

And I can't think of a better W-O-M-A-N to unfold into this dream with... Ladies and missfits, I give you Tatyana—I promise you, you will never be the same. And together, we invite you into "The Unfolding"— the first of many Shameless Feminine events to come. Aho!

I hope you and your Sisters can join us.

Ticket Type Price Quantity
$25 - PAY AT THE DOOR! Free N/A