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Developing Emotional Presence

September 21st, 2019 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Yakima, Washington, Yakima, Washington
Category: Workshops

When it comes to your emotions...

Do you check out, rise above it, numb it down, or shun it down?

Do you live with that disconnect of depression or spiritual stagnation?

Or perhaps you are on the opposite spectrum— in the overwhelm of empathy, seeking to refine that gift for yourself and others?

...Then this is the medicine for you.

In their natural state, emotions can be reliable guides and can even self-regulate. Like the senses, emotions offer a direct and accurate perception of the external and internal world— a direct experience before the mind interprets it. When we are emotionally present, we can catch that moment and allow our organic emotions to inform us and move through us, guiding us to truth rather than into story. And when we add love to that presence, any unnecessary emotional pain or negativity naturally unwinds from the body and we return to balance.

Learn more about Emotional Presence in my video series Gifts for the Ghost!

In This Workshop...I'm Ready! Sign me Up!

I will help you to develop your Emotional Presence through a three-step approach:

1) The Embrace: Lift the judgments against your emotions and expand the connection with your emotional body. Rather than imposing a name and a story on emotion, this Toltec Stalking process will help you to befriend each emotion and allow them to return to their organic presence.

2) The Embodiment: Deepen into your emotional pathways and allow them to inform you as they unwind from your body. Through my twist on Toltec Recapitulation, you will learn to listen to your emotional releases. For, much like physical pain, emotions are messengers of healing that will tell you exactly the medicine they need.

3) The Empowerment: Create a channel of love that responds to your emotions by reintegrating them into love. Ultimately, this healed emotional presence will act as a guardian and guide which will navigate your continued healing and your life forward in a more connected way—embraced, embodied and empowered.

This broadcast of my showShameless Feminine Speaks: "Unwinding Emotions into Love"delivers a meditation on Emotional Presence!

Our Guide...I'm Ready! Sign me Up!

Rebecca Haywood offers a unique perspective on healing that bridges the ancient to the modern and the spiritual to the practical. At the age of twenty, Rebecca received an undeniable calling to step away from her psychology degree and find a spiritual teacher. This led to a ten-year apprenticeship with a family of Toltec shamans and a profound awakening. Living and working with Madre Sarita and her son, best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz, Rebecca was named as Sarita’s spiritual granddaughter and the one to carry on her lineage.

Certified as an herbalist, a massage therapist, and a holistic health practitioner, she opened her private practice in 2001 and has been working as a shamanic healer and spiritual mentor ever since. She leads retreats and workshops worldwide and contributed to the best-selling books, Dancing in the Unknown and Shamanism in the New Millennium. With her blend of ancient and modern wisdom and her loving, down-to-earth candor, Rebecca embodies the essence of ‘Shaman Sister’— with the eyes of a shaman and the heart of a sister.

Join Us!

On the perfect Equinox weekend:
Saturday 21st, 9am to 4pm

Your investment: $150
Private sessions available (at a discount!): $125

A non-refundable deposit of $75 reserves your space in this intimate class.
Full payment is due by September 14th.
Private Sessions will be scheduled after purchase.

A light lunch will be served by our hostess.
If you have dietary restrictions, we recommend you bring your own lunch!
Further details with driving directions will be emailed upon full payment.

Just ask our hostess and my dear friend, Suzy!
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Developing Emotional Presence
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