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A Spiritual Retreat is a wonderful catalyst in accelerating your process of transformation.  Imagine leaving your life, all that you have known and all that has known you, and stepping into a world built upon the magic of faith and transformation.  The simple act of being displaced into a foreign world gives you the space to reinvent yourself.  You are free from the roles of everyday life and all the expectations they come with; you can see your life with more clarity; understand the choices you've made and the choices you need to make; and begin to peel away the layers of self that no longer serve you.

Now add to that, the powerful energy of a sacred site - a place that has been used for the specific intent of communing with Spirit.  That energy is alive and available; and when accessed it initiates a heightened awareness that infuses your intent with a greater power.  Rebecca will guide you through the sacred grounds and assist you in connecting to the the energy, facilitating healing when needed and encouraging you deeper into your transformation.

Each intensive retreat combines meditation, lecture, discussion, and ceremony--all accessed and delivered in the powerful energy of these rare sacred sites.

Read an article about one man's journey to Teotihuacan. 

August 1st – August 7th, 2019
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico
Category: Retreats

Shameless Heart is a new signature journey inspired by the Divine Mother three years ago in Teotihuacán when She made an invitation for all to return to a true equilibrium within ourselves and with each other— human and divine as one, masculine and feminine unspun, wounded warrior and battle undone. That message fueled my contribution in the book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, and moreover, called me to healing in a new way: dissolving the wounded inheritance of feminine and masculine through trauma healing and grounded heart-based spirituality. This journey is the convergence of that intent and a rebirth for us all into a new way of living, of loving... Shamelessly shameless are we who stand united in heart, as heart, and of one Shameless Heart.

April 26th – May 4th, 2018
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico
Category: Retreats

If you're a healer who is ready to reach greater depths of connection and cultivate new skills as you discover an ancient healing lineage, then join Rebecca Haywood, modern-day Shaman & Toltec guide, for a transformational retreat & workshop in Teotihuacán, Mexico!

In the energy of Teotihuacán’s most powerful sites, you will be immersed in shamanic healing and into an intimate experience of your natural receptivity. Learn the potent practices of Shamanic Healing while undergoing the process yourself. Activate your channels of receptivity while shedding the obstructions that cloud them. Connect with an ancient lineage of healing while forging new depths within yourself. More than just a practicum, this is a journey of self-discovery and an opening to your full receptivity as a healer.

June 7th – June 14th, 2017
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico
Category: Retreats

Connect with an ancient lineage of healing in the sacred land of Teotihuacan, Mexico with modern-day Shaman, Rebecca Haywood. Rebecca was chosen to carry on this lineage by her late teacher, Mother Sarita, Toltec Curandera and mother of bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz.

This special retreat focuses on developing the medicine of your word through the ancient techniques of Velaciones, Egg Cleansing, and Channeling. You will journey through Teotihuacan, dissolving doubts and limitations, and emerge as an authentic conduit of healing in which you fully embrace your word, your medicine, and the Healer within you.

October 6th – October 12th, 2016
Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico
Category: Retreats

This invitation is for all of us - male and female alike, for we all come from Mother and we all fall from the grace of that Mother. Let us reunite with her, rewrite the story of our inheritance and greet the true face of the Mother. In the powerful energy of the temples and pyramids, Rebecca Haywood will guide you through a deep process of connecting to the channel of your feminine lineage. You shall return to the womb and surrender into the sweet dissolution of forgiveness, reintegrating the Divine Feminine and resurrecting your self anew.

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