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Yeyzy Samara Vargas, age 16

"Years ago, I went on a spiritual journey with Rebecca to the pyramids of Mexico.  There I was taught the wonders and secrets of our lives.  On the second night, I dreamt I was made of stars!  The sensation was so beautiful and peaceful.  I felt no more pain, no more anything, just love.  That was the first time I ever felt such love.  I feel like crying with joy upon remembering that.  Now I live in my present everyday and that's what matters." 

Steve Emerson, Psychotherapist

"I've thought of Rebecca often since attending my first journey with her and am so grateful for her facilitation of some of the most powerful and profound experiences I've had.  Rebecca, the wisdom and love she embodies, and the energy of those sacred sites continue to be with me.  I'm thankful for the deep sense of connection to others and all of life that I experienced so strongly and which I continue to experience.  There are so many things for which I am thankful:  an intense appreciation for the beauties that there are, a deep sense of joy and laughter, the experience of a different relationship to this body in which I dwell and a clearer perspective of who/what I am.  So thank you, Rebecca, for being fully who you are, such a beautiful embodiment and channel of the divine ground."

Jolene Guilliams,  Mother & Healer

"For years I had resisted going on a journey to Teotihuacan. My first trip was life-altering (still is!) and life enriching.  EVERY facet of my life received benefit from the changes I made thereafter.  I returned from Teotihuacan with a deeper understanding of the gifts that Rebecca had given to me.  It's as if the teachings finally became integrated into my spirit and simply became a way of being; a way of knowing.  I've taken trips since and each time I am renewed, re-born, and completely in love with life." 

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