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Steve Emerson, Psychotherapist

"After attending a weekend workshop with Rebecca I have gained a greater awareness of and intention to practice the Four Agreements and other similar wisdom teachings.  I have also developed a deepened sense of love and compassion for my clients led by the desire to truly be of service.  My work is now informed by more of a sense that it is not ‘me’ doing anything.  Instead I listen with a relative lack of story and the wisdom that dwelling in the ‘I don’t know’ lends me.  Beautiful experiences just keep popping up." 

Dean Yancey

"I've just been revisiting in my mind what last weekend was like for me.  I just wanted to thank Rebecca for the part she played in making a spiritual high for me.  Her acceptance and love were overwhelming!  She has added a lot to my life.  I'm so grateful to be on this journey and to have been introduced to other like-minded individuals.  I can't think of a time in my life when I've become so intimate with complete strangers - instantly!  From the depths of my soul:  Thank you!"


"As a practicing psychologist, I was amazed to hear Rebecca describe what it has taken my profession years to understand.  And 'we' still don't have it quite right!  But Rebecca's mastery of the development of one's mind, belief structure and emotonional 'body' is truly astounding.  In one day, Rebecca delivered a keene awareness to a room full of people AND she assisted each one in shifting their entire point of view!  Rebecca's ability to put words on the wordless and to cut through years of psychotherapy is, for me, a humbling and disorienting experience.  My work with my clients will never be the same." 


"I must say that I have never been to a weekend workshop quite like the ones I have attended with Rebecca.  It is a potent and magical experience mixed with practical tools that become infused with the power of the weekend.  She is so humble in her delivery and so willing to share how she herself walked through the challenges of her life.  It gives me faith that I too can get 'there' one day.  Thank you, Rebecca, you are my Mother, Sister, Friend and Angel!" 

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