Welcome to Gifts for the Ghost,
A set of tools and practices for healing trauma & any psychosomatic imbalance.
I am so glad you are here.

These videos are based on my contribution to the book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, "Exorcising the Ghosts of Sexual Trauma & Their Secret Shame"— an intimate chronicle of my journey with repeated sexual trauma and how shamanism gave me the medicine I needed, transforming my very cells and releasing energies from this lifetime and beyond.

Each section features one of the main tools and principles that I discovered through my healing journey and that I continue to use with clients today, helping them to "heal their relationship with the body, repossessing themselves with an Emotional Presence that amplifies their healing and guides their lives forward in a more connected way—Embraced, Embodied and Empowered. Ghosts be gone."

These tools can be used to address any type of trauma or psychosomatic imbalance, and may, at times, heighten your 'symptoms'. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me. This is a journey that requires an ally from time to time eyes to see what you are unwilling to, a heart to embrace what you cannot.

I also highly recommend you spend some time with the chapter first to give you some context and hopefully, a little bit of medicine to get you started.

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