Now that you have let go your stories about emotions, you are most likely experiencing them more rather than less. That's okay. Actually, it's good. It means the embodiment has begun. You are actually feeling what you feel, all of it-- the whole rainbow.

And now that you can be present with those emotions, you can help them begin to organically unwind from the body.

This video is the Toltec practice of Stalking with my feminine twist: giving the mind a backseat as we stalk the beliefs through the emotional body.



This practice is best done on a nightly basis to review and clear the energy of each day. If done right before bed, you can intend for the "unwinding" to continue through the night. Or, perhaps your stalking raised some questions for you, in which case, ask them to be shown to you in your sleeping dream. Keep a journal by your bed to write anything down, but also trust that, no matter what you remember of your dreams, the "work" was done. But don't believe me; ask your emotional presence. It will be the living proof.