What is Emotional Presence?

"In their natural state, emotions can be reliable guides and can even self-regulate. Like the senses, emotions offer a direct and accurate perception of the external and internal world—a direct experience before the mind interprets it. When we are emotionally present, we can catch that moment and allow our organic emotions to inform us and move through us, guiding us to truth rather than into story. And when we add love to their presence, any unnecessary emotional pain or negativity naturally unwinds from the body and we return to balance." - Rebecca Haywood, Shamanism in the New Millennium

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Much like physical pain, emotions are messengers of healing. They tell you where, when and what medicine to bring, if only you listen and allow them to inform you. Some call this "Emotional Intelligence."

Those with a history of trauma have a heightened empathy, intuition, and a very high level of emotional intelligence. It makes sense, right? You turned up your radar to better detect the dangers around you.

However, you also "checked out", "swam above it", "numbed" or "dumbed it down". These are all ways in which my clients have described the disconnect that so many with trauma experience. "Getting smarter" than their feelings, knowing their triggers and mapping their bypasses in advance.

Like I said, your trauma has gifted you with a very high level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional Presence is that same intelligence, but embraced, embodied, and empowered into a medicine and a reliable guiding force in your life.