This is where we "put love in front of it"...

As you spend time embracing and embodying, you will organically discover the power of your renewed emotional presence. That power is Love, and specifically, Love reflected inward. (I told you it was an inner revolution!) 

In this video, I serve up a practice that combines the Toltec tools of Recapitulation and Dreaming, with another feminine twist: Recapitulating the beliefs through the emotions while Dreaming them into a healed presence in the body.



Trust your tools and EVERYTHING else that brought you here, and go out and LIVE your life!!! It is a practice, and... you will fall. I can almost guarantee it. But that's okay because each time you pick yourself up—each time you Embrace, Embody and Empower—you strengthen those muscles. And perhaps you see something you hadn't before—a belief, a fear, a cellular memory—and that something WILL someday be THE something that finally breaks you... open. I am living proof of that, and I pray that each of you may become that proof for yourself.