Rebecca’s philosophy on healing is an evolution of the lineage endowed to her by the late Mother Sarita, a celebrated Toltec shaman. Sarita believed that faith is the universal power of creation and that with faith, miracles become reality.  Rebecca had the privilege of witnessing Sarita's faith in action, and indeed, every client received their miracle in one form or another.  However, some returned with new illnesses or new problems.  Rebecca began to see that faith is not only the power that heals, it is also the power that can create or recreate an imbalance.  It was clear to Rebecca that healing the faith of the client was integral part of manifesting a sustained transformation.

Rebecca has come to understand that though there are illnesses that are purely physical, we often add to their weight with our beliefs and our addiction to victim-stance. Other times we can create an illness entirely through our beliefs and our emotional wounding. Either way, healing the mental and the emotional channels is an essential key to healing the body. This has become the focus of Rebecca’s healing practice through which she has helped so many make sustained transformations in their body, mind, and spirit.

  • Sessions can be in person or long-distance and can address physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances.

  • Each new client starts with an initial 90-minute Healing Assessment to review your case history, complete an energetic assessment and activate the healing connection between you and Rebecca.  pricing options

  • Pricing thereafter is based on the Healing Package that you and Rebecca choose during your Initial Healing Assessment.

  • Sessions may include the Shamanic Healing practices of Egg Cleansing, Fire Cleansing, Forty Days of Prayer (velaciones), Psychic Healing, and Wellness Coaching or Spiritual Mentoring.

  • Rebecca may recommend custom herbal preparations at an additional cost.

  • You are encouraged you to continue working with your own medical professionals as they too are healers in their own right.

  • Free Consult: a fifteen-minute phone consult in which you can directly experience Rebecca and better understand how she can best serve your goals.

  • To schedule an appointment or free consult, click here!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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