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don Miguel Ruiz


"Words cannot describe my experience of healing with Rebecca.  I could actually feel her pulling ‘stuff’ out of me!  And afterwards, my pain was completely gone!  I could move freely again after years of painful immobility.  I don’t know what you did, but THANK YOU!"

"I came to Rebecca for a healing for what I thought was a physical illness, a lung disease that I was told I would have to manage through medication.  However she somehow tuned into the death of my son which happened years ago and told me that I needed to let him go.  Suddenly it was like he was there and I was talking to him!  I finally got my chance to ask for his forgiveness and to say goodbye.  I didn’t even know that was possible!  It was like nothing I have ever experienced before - my heart was no longer burdened.  And with time, after loyally following the protocol Rebecca recommended, my illness dissipated and now I can breathe freely again.  Thanks to God and to my Angel, Rebecca, you have been a guiding light."

"I live with cancer, but now, thanks to Rebecca, I am not afraid of death.  And even though my body still suffers, Rebecca has helped me to see that ‘I’ don’t have to suffer along with it – that I am not this disease, not this body.  It is a freedom that I didn’t think possible.  Of course, dissolving the cancer was both of our intentions and with time it will, one way or another!  But, disease or no disease, I feel at peace with this life I have lived and with whatever is to come.  And though to some this may sound like a defeat, I know I have won no matter what and that is true empowerment.  Towanda!"

"I actually got to experience Rebecca’s healing alongside Mother Sarita which was the double whammy I needed.  Rebecca really helped me to become a part of the healing process and opened my eyes to the beliefs that were holding on to being sick.  She asked me ‘How has this illness served you?”  What a question, I thought, there’s no way!  But that night I had a dream with Rebecca in which she put her head to mine and my mind seemed to fill with light.  It was truly spectacular!  In the morning I was full of answers to her question and with each answer I could feel the grip of my disease loosen.  Now I am disease free and renewed with a sense of guardianship for my body.  Mother Sarita and Rebecca will forever live in my heart."

"I honestly didn’t know what I had come to Rebecca for.  All I knew was I was unhappy and constantly tired.  Rebecca somehow ‘saw’ into the inner chambers of my heart and spoke the words it needed to hear.  And just when I thought the healing was coming to a close, she pounded her fist against my chest and blam!, my whole world seemed to break open.  I practically skipped out of her office with the unbound heart of a child.  Thanks Rebecca.  You rock!"

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