Most of us carry some degree of trauma from this lifetime... and beyond.

According to the study of behavioral epigenetics, emotional stress can alter our genetic expression, passing trauma from generation to generation. And if left to feast on one's lifeforce, these ghosts of trauma can stifle one's expression and connection—emotionally, sensually, and spiritually—causing fatigue, illness, addiction, and ultimately, more trauma.

Thankfully, science reveals another truth, long known by shamans, that any emotional trauma can be healed by changing the emotional input. The brain actually remaps its neural wiring in response to emotional stimuli—decommissioning unused pathways and patterning new ones.

"Put love in front of it", as I tell my clients, and your cells will recalibrate.

Shamanism is that alchemic embrace and has the power to unwind any trauma—new or ancestral—from the body, mind, and soul; and I am more passionate than ever to invite you into it...

I use a customized blend of Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Mentoring with the intent of clearing not the trauma, but your resistance to it. Together, we will access any places of trauma and call your soul back home into an embrace that cleanses the channels, bridges the disconnect, and ultimately restores an emotional and spiritual presence that will continue to empower you to integrate, sustain and evolve your journey forward.
Ghosts be gone.

Each new client begins with a 90-minute Healing Assessment which includes an intuitive review of your case history along with an Egg Cleansing—a shamanic cleansing and reading of your energy bodies. Your healing will have already begun, and together, you and Rebecca will tailor the best Healing Package for your unique and unfolding journey. $325

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  • Healing Packages may include the shamanic healing practices of Egg Cleansing, Fire Cleansing, and Psychic Healing, along with Spiritual Mentoring.

  • Most sessions can be performed long-distance if needed, and those that can't, will be scheduled to align with my retreat travels to an area near you.

  • Keep an eye out for one of my Healing Retreats in which you can receive many of these techniques with the added catalyst of sacred sites and a loving tribe.

Unsure if this is the right medicine for you? That's okay! Schedule a free 15-minute Clarity Call with me and we'll feel it out together!

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