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Jolene Guilliams, Mother & Healer

“My apprenticeship with Rebecca has been one of the most rewarding relationships of my life and has been the single most important step in obtaining my freedom.  It has gifted me with years of insight into myself and the world around me.  She has provided me with excellent tools such as meditations, visual imagery, and intuitive insights that have been invaluable for my empowerment and path of self-discovery.  Her teachings are straight-forward, ego-free, and brimming with love.  If you are ready for a look at your authentic self, she is ready to support and love you through what you find.  I could not ask for a more truthful and compassionate teacher.  Ultimately, she has enabled me to become my own best teacher.”

Brooke Kalan, Counselor & Healer

"Rebecca Haywood is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is authentic and strong, patient and kind, and has the ability to lead people exactly where they need to go. Rebecca has been my Teacher for almost 4 years: she has held my hand through the tough times, empowered me through the difficult times, and always encouraged me to keep going. Rebecca helped me to see my True Self; She helped me reclaim the courage, the beauty, the splendor and the Spirit that was inside of me--waiting to be awoken. Her unwavering integrity has always inspired me to do my best; she is truly a Spiritual Warrior who brings Light and Love where ever she goes."   

Mitzie Mitchell

"Rebecca was able to give me an understanding of the dynamics of the masks I wore, my behaviors, and my belief system.  I was given tools and homework to work on increasing my awareness and letting go of habits that I felt were no longer serving me.  I feel Rebecca was able to relate to my experiences and  I deeply appreciate having had a safe and loving haven to express.  Thank you Rebecca!"

Jo Anne Mitchum

"My apprenticeship with Rebecca feels very fluid.  Like a river over time, its flow gently shapes my world. Intuitively she is gentle or strong, encouraging or challenging and continually inspires me to stretch and grow at a pace that is very comfortable.  Not only a catalyst to personal growth, Rebecca has also provided guidance on the way that I can best serve others. Through conversing regularly on the phone, supplementing calls with email exchanges, and doing the work assignments designed specifically for my individual needs, apprenticing with Rebecca prepares me to steadily and joyfully progress on my life's path."  

Jen Ballard, R.N.

"I didn't know that I had no idea how to really love and accept myself.  All I knew was that I was unhappy, frustrated, and constantly thirsty for something better.  It never occurred to me that I didn't have a language, an image, or even the experience of being truly loving to myself.  Rebecca showed me what that looked like, what it felt like, what it sounded like.  For a long time I replaced the critical and hateful voices in my head with her voice, as a guide and example, until I could heal and mature enough to take that role back for myself.  Of the many wonderful gifts Rebecca has given me, the greatest has been holding up a mirror to show me what love actually looks like  -- and it was not what I thought it would be.  It was way better."  

Racquel Baca

"My mentorship and time spent with Rebecca was a gift from the Creator.  She is not just a teacher but a guide and partner in allowing you to find your own truths.  In this journey of life, it is not always easy to find a mentor who is not judgemental or trying to mold you.  Rebecca simply opened doors for me giving new perspectives to see my own spirit at its core.  Simply said, working with Rebecca changed my life.  Thank you Rebecca!"