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don Miguel Ruiz


by Neal Donald Walsch

I, Tom, ask You ,Katie,
to be my partner, my lover, my friend, and my wife.
I announce and declare my intentions
to give you my deepest friendship and love,
Not only when you are feeling great,
But when you are down
Not only when you remember Who You Really Are,
But when you forget
Not only when you are acting with love
But when you are not.
I further announce,
Before God and those here present,
That I will seek always
To see the Light of Divinity within you
And seek always to share the Light of Divinity within me,
Even, and especially,
In whatever moments of darkness may come.

It is my intention to be with you forever,
In a Holy Partnership of the Soul,
That we may do together God’s work
Sharing all that is good within us
With all those whose lives we touch.
[Minister turns to Katie]
Katie, do you choose to grant Tom’s request that you be his wife?
Katie – “I do.”

Please, now take hold of the rings you would give each other, and repeat after
With this ring, I thee wed…I take now the ring you give to me [couple exchanges
rings] and place it upon my hand…[they place the rings on their hands] that all
may see and know… of my love for you.


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